The Mediumistic Hour with Mari Campbell and Clayton Silva

The last Wednesday of every month Mari Campbell and I will be hosting the "Mediumistic Hour" During this time we will be giving free readings for 1 hour and 1hour only. We Will randomly call on participants and ask if they'd like to ask a psychic question or a Mediumship question. You only get one once. To register for this amazing event click here November 25th @ 8pm

When Spirit Calls (Three MEdiums One Love) 

In this event Mari Campbell at and Michelle Barr at and myself will be giving readings via zoom it will be a 90min event and we will choose audience members at random to give either a psychic or mediumistic reading. These events are extremely healing and even those who don't receive a reading still feel the love!!! Tickets are $25.00 and you can purchase them on the services page under where it says events. If you need any help contact me and I'll help take care of the issue!!