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tangie nadimi's testimonial - mansfield, texas 

Clayton is kind and patient with beautiful energy. He’s truly a pleasure to work with and talk to. He was spot on with my readings (even over video call). My aunt and brother came though clearly and strongly with important messages for me and my loved ones. I immediately booked a second session for my mom and plan to meet in person as soon as I can. I highly recommended him. He’s worth every penny and then some.

shawn perez's testimonial - ennis, texas 

Clayton is amazing. I called to schedule a reading and as I was booking with Clayton he instantly started to tell me things that were spot on and about the exact subject that I was setting up the reading for. I could hardly sleep that night in anticipation of what my reading might tell me. Clayton makes you feel right at home and immediately you discern that he is an old soul. The environment is very relaxing and I instantly felt as though I had known him for a very long time. You can't go wrong with this guy. He doesn't sugar coat but he tells you everything in such a way that you should hear it. I will be back time and time again. The insight and input that he gave me is priceless!

Tommy's Testimonial

I'd seen Clayton on Periscope & I liked his style & personality!

But a Live personal reading is the way to go!

I'm still after over 24 hours going through my notes & mind what took place.

I found out the true meaning of a medium & the deceased relatives that showed up were a shock to me! Things that happened in my lifetime & something that happened over at least 80 years that Only the family would know.

Clayton is like a baseball catcher seeing signs & symbols (rapidly) & emotions that Only family members would know!

I was Completely Blown away by his gift & his personal touch.

He's SO in tune with the family or friends that show up & they're excited as well to get to talk to You!!

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Clayton for Your reading!!"

-Tommy H.-O.F., Indiana

tierra tischay's testimonial - houston, texas 

Clayton is the best everything he said was a shocker. There is no way he could have looked that up. It is like my loved one was right there saying everything. He is the best. I would recommend him to anyone.

Michele swingle's testimonial - waxahachie, texas

Clayton is absolutely incredible. He is so gifted! I must admit, I was a bit skeptical in the beginning but he brought up too many things he couldn’t possibly know. He brought me so much peace and comfort as well as healing. I can’t thank him enough! I can’t wait to see him again... ❤️

Jeanie's Testimonial: 

"Clayton has amazing ability with mediumship. He can and does connect you to your loved ones on the other side. He was able to provide me substantial evidence from my loved ones. I was really amazed and thought, how could he know this or that. He could only know these facts if they were indeed there with him. I can't thank him enough. Don't hesitate to call him for an appt today! You will not be disappointed."

-Jeanie Dougherty, Pennsylvania

Ashley DelanEy's Testimonial

If I could give Clayton a million Stars I would. My husband and I originally bought the medium session reading for my Mother-in-law not knowing how it was going to go, however it was so amazing. Clayton gave us all a life changing experience and gave her some relief of things that have been going on in her life. We've already booked another reading with him, can't wait!

jae e. testimonial 

The reading I had with Clayton was mind blowing! The experience was something I will never forget , all of my loved ones that came thru we’re validated with no doubt, it was like making a phone call to Heaven! His gift is nothing short of amazing, his energy and compassion will keep you at ease thru the entire reading. The peace and comfort he gave me is life changing, I’ll forever think about and be so thankful for what he’s done for me. If you are having second thoughts about having a reading.. don’t. Go for it! The gift he has is incredible and it will be the best experience you’ve ever had! Thank you so much Clayton!

Monica Bayer's testimonial 

Since my loving grandma passed away I was always trying to find a way to get in touch with her and feel her close to me, and then like a miracle Clayton was put on my path, I didn't know anything about him but this didn't stop me to contact him, while scheduling the appointment over the phone he was able to tell me some details about her and I knew my reading was going to be awesome, I counted the days and then I finally met Clayton, he is amazing, very nice and kind, he did my reading and Clayton was very clear and confident in every detail he gave me about my dear grandma, I was very happy to found him because he is honest, Clayton definitely can get in touch with spirit, he is very gifted and I guaranteed you will feel peace and happiness after his reading, Clayton is the best!

monica torres' testimonial

My experience with Clayton was uplifting and truly impactful. He was able to reach a host of beloved family members and friends. He expressed the most intimate details of my relationships with my loved ones and the validation I got was unreal. He worked tirelessly to connect with as many of loved ones as he could until he was exhausted. Thank you Clayton for showing me that there is life in the other side and sharing your special God given gift with me. Highly recommend Clayton!!!

More testimonials:

Amanda Coughlin - Tallahassee, Florida

. Going into this experience I was a bit of a skeptic, to say the very least. If there was anything that the world had taught me it was to be very weary of something that just couldn't be proven. Clayton & I did not have a previous relationship prior to my visit with him, so he was not privy to any insider information. So as I sat down with him I decided to just listen. To give no information about myself at all. I wanted to see for myself if this was all a big scam or if there was actually some merit to it at all.
The take away is this..MIND BLOWN! I sat mostly speechless & somewhat stunned, unable to do much of anything except occassionally nod my head in agreement. Clayton was literally spot on about every single little detail. The entire situation was eye opening, emotional and again, mind blowing.
If you are looking for a spiritual medium for whatever the reason may be, please seek out the services of Clayton! He was amazing & I highly recommend him!!
I came out on the other end of this a believer.
Thank you Clayton!!

Clayton Happapuro's testimonial
        Dallas, Texas

Definitely need to check him out no matter what you think or how you feel about the spiritual world or the medium ship even if you have doubts you won’t have them after you spend the hour with Clayton I promise it might not change your way you live your life but it will definitely give you some closure and let you breathe a little better and knowing that you sat down and opened your mind to it you will definitely change your mind I know I did