Spiritualist Medium Clayton Silva

Mediumship with Shelley Sanders on October 24, 2020 @ 7pm Central Time 5pm Pacific Time on ZOOM $20 for one and $30 for two
click here to purchase tickets Currently Early Bird Pricing $15 per ticket!


Clayton is a Spiritualist Medium whose desire is to provide highly accurate evidential detail to give proof that your loved ones live on in Spirit. His dedication and love for Spirit are evident in his passion for developing his talent and his desire to heal others through messages from the Spirit world. Compassion, empathy and a genuine love for Spirit have earned him the love and respect of his clients, peers and educators.
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Clayton connects his sitter to her Fiance' and her brother in Spirit. 

Spirit gave the sitter so many healing messages and information that was only known to the sitter. This a private zoom reading. I would watch this video if you're concerned with if the accuracy and connection with the medium and Spirit is still the same. This video shows with out a doubt there is no difference between in person readings or readings done over Zoom or Phone to book this session please click here. 

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