I would like to take this opportunity to tell you a few things to remember when you make your appointment with me for a mediumship reading.

Begin telling your loved ones in Spirit when and where you will be during our session a few days beforehand. They will be very excited to be there!

Be ready to receive your messages and validation from those who speak. They will reassure you by giving me evidence to validate who I am speaking to and they will have a message for you.

Beware of “psychic amnesia.” This happens occasionally during readings and causes you to forget even the simplest of things. If I give you a piece of information that doesn’t fit, write it down. You would be amazed how these things can come to you hours, days or even weeks after our session.

Have realistic expectations. I only receive the information that Spirit and your loved ones give me, I cannot force information out of them or make someone speak who doesn’t chose to. The information comes to me through signs and symbols that I am familiar with. Occasionally, I will not understand what the message is, but I will work with you and my team to try and figure it out.

Relax and enjoy your messages from Spirit, there is absolutely no reason to be anxious or nervous. You will find that I am very compassionate, understanding, I love helping others and I am here for Spirit to give you the best experience possible.

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Please call to set this up. 469-716-0544thank you!!!