About Me

My story began as an intuitive and empathic small child. When I was very young, I had many experiences with the Spirit people, but was told that it was my imagination and was discouraged from talking about them. It was at this point that I began to ignore my gift to gain acceptance in a world that denied such things existed.

I began to develop debilitating depression and anxiety at the age of eighteen and by the age of 27 I found myself addicted to anti-depressants, anti-anxiety and pain medications I received due to a back injury.  I spiraled down into a depression that made me feel as though I had nothing left to live for and suicidal. That is when I was reintroduced to the Spirit world I knew and loved as a child. My maternal grandmother, who had passed into the Spirit world long before I was born, appeared to me. She began to show me how my death would affect my loved ones and then how my gifts would someday help so many who needed healing from the other side. This was the turning point for me and released me from the burdens that I had carried for so long and, along with my own experience, gave me the courage and determination I needed to begin helping others.

Fully embracing my connection to Spirit, I began my new journey devouring any information about Spirit that comes to me from trusted sources. Books, seminars, workshops, mentorships and working with Spirit daily nurtures my gift and helps me develop my talent.   My connection to Spirit is my greatest blessing and I work daily to strengthen that bond. I have trained with several well known mediums around the world such as Mavis Patilla, Colby Rebel, Sid Patrick, and Scott Milligan.

I consider it an honor and a privilege to serve Spirit by healing others with messages from their loved ones on the other side. I invite you to experience Spirit with me and see that we, like love, never die.

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Picture Below: Clayton & Colby Rebel