About Winter Wilton Spiritualist Medium

My story of how I came to be a medium starts in early childhood. I was always a bright and
empathic child, full of love and compassion. Even as a small child all I wanted was to help
others. I began having experiences with Spirit as a young child. I remember having tea parties
with Spirit as a little girl, but was made to think this was only my imagination, that this was not
normal(Unfortunately this happens to a lot of people like us.) . I always feared being different, so to fit in I pushed my abilities down deep within me.This feeling stayed with me. I always felt I did not fit in, out of place in the world. My
depression issues stemming from trauma began at eight and from then on, I struggled
immensely. I started to cope in the worst of ways, and addiction took hold of me at age twelve.
This continued into my early twenty’s. I felt the cycle of negativity would never end.
Then the passing of my step dad, whom was like my father, caused heart break like I had
never felt. I felt myself spiraling down. Almost a year later I was reconnected to the Spirit world
through my close friend since childhood, Clayton. Although I found solace in this. I did not
explore further as I was blocked by grief, until over a year later. It was months into quarantine
when I found myself at rock bottom again but this time was different. I was ready to give up
completely and SURRENDER to SPIRIT!!!  I remember feeling lost and had no hope that I wouldn't fulfill my purpose or any
purpose at all. I had no idea of what was to soon come. Then like a whirl wind my life
completely changed. Spirit,(my Stepdad), came to me and told me it was time to open my eyes,
that I had purpose and always had. I was encompassed by their love, it rippled through my life
changing it forever!
I now fully embraced my journey with excitement and vigor. I welcome that I am different and
that my gifts are of love and light. I see the world with new eyes and experience fulfillment
beyond what I thought was even possible. I continuously nurture my connection with Spirit, as
this is truly the greatest blessing in my life. I now am able to help others as my heart had always
guided me to. With the support and guidance of Clayton, I have been brought to the next
chapter of my journey and outreach. This is only the beginning and I cannot wait to see what is
to come. I would be honored to serve Spirit with healing messages from loved ones on the
other side, love transcends far beyond this physical life and so do you. Follow me on Instagram if you'd like I'd greatly appreciate it!!! if you have any reviews about me please email them to winter@mediumclayton.com